Scooby's All Star Laff-Olympics

Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics

Making it's premier on September 10, 1977 and continuing until November 1, 1980, Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics, also know as Scooby's All Stars, and Scooby's Laff-A-Lympics, was full of the top stars from Hanna Barbera. It included three teams, the Scoobie Doobies, the Yogi Yahooeys, and the Really Rottens. The teams competed in Olympic style competition, in different countries for winners, and the contests were hosted by Snagglepuss and Mildew Wolf. The Scoobie Doobies team consisted of Scooby Doo, Scooby Dumb, Shaggy, Tinker and Speed Buggy, Dynomutt and Blue Falcon, Hong Kong Phooey, Jeannie and Babu, and Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels, Brenda Chance, Dee Dee Sykes, and Taffy Dare.

The Swiss Alps/Tokyo, Japan

Events - Downhill Ski Contest, Freestyle Ice Skating, Toboggan Race, Sumo Wrestling, One-Point Tennis, Baseball Batting Contest
1st- Scooby Doobies 105
2nd- Yogi Yahooeys 80
3rd- Really Rottens 65


Events - Swamp Buggy Race, Waterski Contest, Auto Track Race, Rickshaw Race, Ping Pong Match, Gymnastics
1st- Scooby Doobies 115
2nd- Yogi Yahooeys 110
3rd- Really Rottens 0


Events - Cliff diving, Underwater Relay, Speed Boat Race, Big Ben Tower Climb, Fox Hunt, Skateboard Polo
1st- Scooby Doobies 70
2nd- Yogi Yahooeys 65
2nd- Really Rottens 65

Sahara Desert/Scotland

Events - Dune Buggy Race, Fill Up The Oasis Race, Loch Ness Photograph Race, Three Legged Kilt Race
1st- Yogi Yahooeys 70
2nd- Scooby Doobies 65
3rd- Really Rottens 20


Events - Tour De France Bicycle Race, Eiffel Tower Climb, Boomerang Throw, Kangaroo Race
1st- Scooby Doobies 120
2nd- Yogi Yahooeys 75
3rd- Really Rottens 35

Athens/Ozark, Missouri

Events - Pole Vault, Disco Throw (Discus), Rail Cart Race, Keelboat Race
1st- Scooby Doobies 105
2nd- Yogi Yahooeys 80
3rd- Really Rottens 20

Italy/Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Events - Motor Bike Race, Canal Boat Race, Hang Gliding, Skydiving, Hot air balloon race
1st- Scooby Doobies 85
2nd- Really Rottens 65
3rd- Yogi Yahooeys 40

Egypt/Sherwood Forest

Events - Tip of the Pyramid, Camel Race, Armor Foot Race, Princess Rescue Contest
1st- Scooby Doobies 90
2nd- Really Rottens 80
2nd- Yogi Yahooeys 55


Events - Bullfight, Gypsy Wagon Race, Hang the bell on the Abomnible Snowman, Everest Mountain Climbing
1st- The Scooby Doobies 90
2nd- The Yogi Yahooeys 80
3rd- The Really Rottens 55


Events - Tiger Hunt, Elephant Bark Race, Sun Sail Sledding Contest, Reed Boat Race
1st- Yogi Yahooeys 100
2nd- Really Rottens 40
3rd- Scooby Doobies 35

Africa/San Fransico

Events - Jungle Boat Race, Vine Swinging Contest, Rollerskating, Fishing
1st- Yogi Yahooeys 80
2nd- Scooby Doobies 20
3rd- Really Rottens 10

Grand Canyon/Ireland

Events - Burro Race, Tightrope Race, Catch the Leprachaun, Hole-in-one golf tournament
1st- Yogi Yahooeys 135
2nd- Scooby Doobies 55
3rd- Really Rottens 45


Events - Surfing, Outrigger Race, Viking Longboat Races, Long Jump Wearing Snowshoes
1st- Scooby Doobies 90
2nd- Yogi Yahooeys 70
3rd- Really Rottens 30

North Pole/Tahiti

Events - Dog Sled Races, Igloo Building Contest, Around the Reef Paddleboat Race, Sandcastle building contest
1st- Scooby Doobies 120
2nd- Yogi Yahooeys 75
3rd- Really Rottens 55


Events - Wild Bronc Riding Contest, Steer Roping, Windmill Riding contest, Dyke building contest
1st- Scooby Doobies 75
2nd- Yogi Yahooeys 65
3rd- Really Rottens 60


Events - Lacross Batting, Canadian Tree Cutting, Flying Carpet Races, Magic Rope Climbing
1st- Scooby Doobies 65
2nd- Yogi Yahooeys 55
2nd- Really Rottens 55


Events - Siberian Moose Marathon, Dancing Race Through Moscow, Porpoise Race, Bluebeard's Treasure Hunt
1st- Scooby Doobies 100
2nd- Yogi Yahooeys 80
3rd- Really Rottens 50

New York/Istanbul, Turkey

Events - Hansom Carriage Race, Crown the Statue of Liberty, Unicycle Race, Swimming Relay Race
1st- Really Rottens 75
2nd- Scooby Doobies 70
3rd- Yogi Yahooeys 60

South America/Transylvania

Events - Bull Lasso Contest, Rubber Raft Race, Spooky Scavenger Hunt, Log Roll Race
1st- Yogi Yahooeys 90
2nd- Scooby Doobies 80
3rd- Really Rottens 55

French Riviera/New Zeland

Events - Soapbox Derby, Free Flight Kite Contest, Ostrich Race, Mud Puddle Tug-Of-War
1st- Scooby Doobies 90
2nd- Yogi Yahooeys 70
3rd- Really Rottens 40

New Orleans/Atlantis

Events - Antique Aircraft Distance Race, Chinese Dragon Race, Sea Horse Race, Mermaid Rescue
1st- Yogi Yahooeys 70
2nd- Scooby Doobies 60
2nd- Really Rottens 60

Morocco/Washington D.C.

Events - Roller Scooter Race, Sand Chariot Race, Rally Race, Marine Corp. Obstacle Course
1st- Really Rottens 75
2nd- Scoobie Doobies 70
2nd- Yogi Yahooeys 70

Canada/Warsaw, Poland

Events - Get Your Man Contest, Dog Sled Race, Freestyle Pole Vault, Pogostick Race
1st- Yogi Yahooeys 85
2nd- Scooby Doobies 70
3rd- Really Rottens 45

Siam/The Moon

Events - Siamese Sampan Race, 3-Way Soccer, Rocket Race, Moon Foot Race
For the last episode ever, the crew not only visits the moon, but everyone is awarded the gold!
1st- Scooby Doobies 80
1st- Yogi Yahooeys 80
1st- Really Rottens 80

Overall Winners:
The Really Rottens: 3 Wins
The Scooby Doobies: 15 Wins
The Yogi Yahooeys: 8 Wins