Those Meddling Kids

These interviews were done during the 24 hours of Scooby Doo.

A marathon which aired on October 24, 1998.

Case One: How They Got Started

Daphne: "Well, Daddy (George R. Blake) gave us the money to start off. We didn't even have a car, so

we gave out parents gas money to drive us around."

Seeking their independence, they bought a van, and called it the Mystery Machine.

Freddy: "Shaggy found it."
Daphne: "It was interesting."
Scooby: "It's roovy."
Velma: "We didn't wait for stuff to come to us."
Freddy: "We went straight out and found those monsters ourselves."
Scooby: (Wide-eyed) "MONTERS?!?"

Case Two: That Meddling Dog, Scooby Doo


Freddy: "First, we were thinking, 'Ok, a dog with an adam's apple, a little strange.' But, we got used to it. So when he started talking, it wasn't really a big deal for us."
Daphne: "I don't think I've ever seen an animal get as scared as Scooby does sometimes.
Velma: "What about Shaggy?"

Shaggy speaks up on his friendship with Scooby.

Shaggy: "Things just clicked. Ya know? Now when the gang needs bait for a villain, why, they send us. It's what we do. And I'll tell ya, there's no one I'd rather work with."

One last comment

Freddy: "You think Scooby get scared of the monsters, try find him when it's time to go to the vet."

Case Three: That Meddling Hippee, Shaggy


Freddy: "Some people might think that Shag's skinny because Scooby's always stealing his food. That's not it. He's a vegetarian."
Shaggy: "Thing is, there were a few months when I was, like, overdoing it with the Scooby Snacks."
Velma: "At one point, I calculated that he had eaten exactly 45% of his body weight."
Shaggy: "Zoinks, I had to quit."

Shaggy turned to a new hobby.

Shaggy: "I have the largest collection of decorator belt buckles in the world. 653 last count."

His favorite belt buckle says, "When do we eat?"

Shaggy: "Like, it hard to catch, but I wear a different belt buckle for every mystery. You just gotta pay attention."

Case Four: That Meddling Kid, Daphne


Daphne: "Ya know, Velma's not the only smart one. I get straight A's."
Velma: "We've said, 'Daphne, we're in a muddy swamp, ditch the pumps."
Daphne: "I was late joining the gang. I've lost a lot of dates that way."

Although, there have been rumors of something between Daphne and Fred.

Daphne: "Who told you that? We're friends."
Fred: "We're friends."

One day, Daphne hopes to write a detective magazine.


Case 5: Velma, That Meddling Brain


As the youngest member, Velma, invented the word JINKIES.

Velma: "I was so surprised, it just came out. Before I just said, 'Oh my.' It wasn't as catchy.

Velmas parents pushed her in her studies, resulting in hundreds of awards for her achievements.

Case 6: Fred and That Meddling Ascot


Shaggy: "Man, that thing must get steamy."
Scooby: "Ascot?!?"
Fred: "I like how it looks!"
Daphne: "With his dramatic experiences, he's really an expert at getting into the mind of the villain. Sometimes, when we're scared, Fred sings a something from Showboat."

One day Fred hopes to be a famous mystery writer.

Fred: "I just really fell like I'm doing something worthwhile. For me."

Case 7: Those Finger-Pointing Villains


Ever notice most of the villains end the show with the same line...

Villain: "I would've gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those meddling kids."

"You hear it all the time, but who said it first?" Villain: " I did" "I did" "I did" Villain" "You don't know this till you've been in the business for awhile, the key is the hidden door." Villain: "I cannot speak without my lawyer."

Case 8: Those Meddling Kids, Together Again


They've solved over 200 mysteries together, what did they learn from it all?

Daphne: "Watch out for paintings that blink."
Velma: "Yeah, what is it with bad guys and portraits anyways? We haven't been in one haunted house that had a landscape on the wall."

Velma: "That's what it really comes down to: we find a mystery, run around, trap a bad guy, rip his mask off..."
Fred: "And have a bunch of fun doing it."

Fred: "I love you guys."
Velma: "Knock it off."