Address: 224 Maple Street, Coolsville Ohio
This Great Dane, who's real name is Scoobert, was born on Knittingham Puppy Farm. His family home is Scooby Manor, where his Grand-Dad Scooby lives. He loves to eat, and can smell food from miles away. His favorites include scooby snacks, pizza with anchovies and chocolate syrup, and malts. The only known food Scooby dislikes, clams. He is also a master of disguise. He and Shaggy always dress up to fool the bad guys, though is rarely works. Scooby is a member of the ACA (American Cowards Association), he and Shaggy are charter members, they are also members of the Pioneer Scouts. Scooby's show has been on since 1969, so that makes Scooby 210 years old in dog years.

Relatives include: Dada and Momsy Doo (owners Mom & Pops Rogers), parents; Grand-Dad Scooby, grandpa; Yabba (owner Deputy Dusty), Skippy, & Howdy Doo, brothers; Ruby Doo, sister and her son Scrappy Doo, nephew; Scooby Dee, Scooby Dumb (owner Ma & Pa Skillet), Whoopsy Doo (owner Uncle Gaggy) and Dooby Doo, cousins; Horton, uncle; Yankee Doodle Doo (owner McBaggy Rogers); Great-Grandpa Doo; Dixie Doo; Mrs.Knittingham, owner of Knittingham Puppy Farm.


Dada and Momsy Doo
Young Dada and Momsy
Young Dada and Momsy Doo
Baby Scooby Doo
Yabba Doo
Skippy Doo
Howdy Doo
Ruby Doo, puppy
Ruby Doo
Scrappy Doo
Scooby Dee
Scooby Dumb
Whoopsy Doo
Dooby Doo
Yankee Doodle Doo
Dixie Doo
Pioneer Scout Scooby