These are the actual excerpts from the Cartoon Network spoofs called "The Scooby Doo Project". They were shown during a 24 hour Scooby Doo Marathon.


Velma goes around with camara introducing everyone. Scooby, Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, and Norville Rogers.
Shaggy-"Shaggy, It's Shaggy!"
Everyone laughs and teases him calling out Norville, Norville, Norville.


Kids interview locals about the woods. All claim to have know about a different ghost than the person before.


Kids come across a guy walking down the road. They ask him about the legend of the woods. He says he's not from around here, but says the gang looks familiar. He thinks they were on some mystery show.
"Hey, you guys are cartoons!"


Kids interview an old lady in her yard.
Velma-"Have you heard the legend about the woods?"
Old Lady-"You kids stay away from those woods! Those woods are cursed, I don't go near them!"
Back in van:
Shaggy-"I bet she don't go near the dentist either!"
Kids laugh.
Shaggy-"These woods look different from our woods. They look more realistic."
At woods, outside of van.
Fred-"Remember guys, I get to pull off the mask this time."
Kids walk off from van into the woods. Waving and saying goodbye to van.
Shaggy-"Why do we always do these things when it's getting dark?"
him have it, so Maldor puts Daphne into the "Sleep of the Centuries".


Kids come upon the cemetary, where they are going to camp for the night. Shaggy and Scooby can't believe this is where they are sleeping. Velma starts to tell of the legend of the haunting of the woods, but Shaggy and Scooby don't want to hear it. They cover their ears and say "Blah, Blah, Blah".


Now it's night time, and the kids are inside their tent.
"Someone's feet are in my face"
Daphne-"Who got crumbs in my sleeping bag?"
The gang hears a grumbling sound and their tent starts to rattle and shake.
Daphne-"Will someone go out there for a Scooby Snack?"
Fred-"Shaggy and Scooby, you guys are good at distracting the ghosts!"
Shaggy-"We're in the middle of the woods, where are we gonna get a gurney?


Shaggy and Scooby are out of the tent, filming the cemetary. They are talking about eating pizza. Shaggy says his favorite is Hawaiian. "Sweet pineapple, and salty ham". Soon they hear some noises and Shaggy looks around, then he looks down at Scooby wrapped around his legs. Then they hear the noise again, and see a monster run through the tombstones.
The guys run through the woods.


The next morning outside of the tent, the gang finds piles of Scooby Snacks. They wonder who put them there, was it the monster?
Shaggy-"I'm not eating those, that creature touched them! Scooby can eat 'em!"
Scooby goobles them up.
Shaggy-"Scooby, did you trick me? Give me one!"
Scooby laughs.


Fred-"I think the vans over here guys."
Daphne-"I need a break, my feet hurt!"
Velma-"Well it's not our fault you wore high heels on a hiking trip!"
Daphne-"Well at least I try to look feminine!"
Velma stares.


The gangs out in the woods walking. Velma is looking at the map.
Velma-"The van should be over there. We should be there in about an hour."
Daphne-"That's what you said 2 hours ago!"
Fred-"Admit it, you don't know where we are do you?"
Shaggy-"Can we just figure this out! You can put a fork in me, I'm done!"
Fred-"Give me the map!"
Shaggy-"How can you read this map. It's just a dotted line and an X."
Daphne-"Admit were lost Velma."
Fred and Velma argue about being lost and what happened to the map. Shaggy laughs.
Shaggy-"Me and Scooby ate it, with a little bit of tabasco sauce. It was useless anyways."


Fred-"I found a clue. Footsteps!"
Velma-"Those are our footsteps."
Shaggy-"You mean we went in a big circle? That's not cool!"
Scooby-"Yeah, not cool!"
Fred-"Remain calm."
Velma-"I'm calmer than you!"
Fred-"I'm always calm, I'm the calm one!"
Fred is seen huddling on the ground with a red hankie on his head and an unshaven face, shivering.


The kids come upon a house in the woods.
Velma-"The sounds were coming from here."
Shaggy-"Yeah, let's go in a haunted house in the middle of the night. And they call you the smart one!"
The kids open the door and see a radio.
Velma-"Let's turn it on. Maybe there's something about us on it."
Old chase scene music comes from the radio.
Shaggy-"Everytime music plays, we get chased by a monster."
The monster comes and chases the kids to the upstairs of the house. They are running from room to room while Velma is taping. Then the monster comes up to Velma and she runs downstairs. She notices Shaggy in the corner of the room.
Velma-"Shaggy, what are you doing?"
Velma hears a sound and turns. The monsters face is seen throught the camera, and the camera drops to the floor.


Next scene is the kids with a monster who's mask they take off. They ask him why he is wearing a mask. Guy-"It's Halloween! You guys are dressed up too, right?"