Address: 224 Maple Street, Coolsville Ohio
Better known as Shaggy, this skinny teenager is never without Scooby by his side. He is a track star and the "swingingest" gymnastist in school, whose skills come in handy when he's out running the ghosts and trying to get into locked buildings. He loves to steal Scooby's snacks and wash them down with a Mango Shake, but Shaggy is really a vegetarian. He has a collection of belt buckles and he wears a different one for each new mystery. Along with his pal Scooby, they are charter members of the ACA, American Coward Association, and members of the Pioneer Scouts.

Relatives include: Mom and Pops Rogers(Mr.& Mrs.Samual Chastain Rogers), parents(Pop, policeman); Maggie (Sugey), sister; Uncle Shagworthy, Uncle Gaggy, Great Uncle Nat, Uncle Fearless Shagaford, who owns the Fearless Detective Agency, Uncle Beaureguard, ancestor from Civil War; Betty Lou Shaggbilly, southern cousin and the Shaggbillies, southern relatives, McBaggy Rogers.

Mom & Pop
Mom & Pop (younger)
Uncle Shagworthy
Uncle Gaggy
Uncle Nat
McBaggy Rogers
Betty Lou