What's New Scooby Doo

What's New Scooby Doo

This series, which began Saturday, September 14, 2002, will show the first new Scooby Doo episodes to air in about 12 years. This is also the first show since "The Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo Show"('79), to contain the gang in it's original format; Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby Doo.

There's No Creature Like Snow Creature
The gang take a trip to see the Wilkinson Snowboarding Open, and the famous Kris Klug, but soon the contestants are sidelined with injuries from a mysterious Snow Creature. Could the problems turn into a tv ratings bonanza or did the troubles stem because of a millionaire without a "million dollar prize" to giveaway?

3-D Struction
While at the opening of the Costa Rican Museum, the kids meet Melbourne O'Reily, archeologist, who has just uncovered the remains of a Gigantasaurus. But it seems there is a curse on the bones, and the dinosaurs spirit is out for revenge.

Space Ape At The Cape
Velma is up for a Future Scientist Award, so the kids head to the Space Base, where they encounter Velma's hero, nobel-prize winning scientist, Janet Lawrence. But when a giant egg hatches, and a 4-foot green alien springs loose, this postpones all launches, and threatens the scientists work.

Big Scare In The Big Easy
The gang heads down to Bourbon Street, Louisianna for Mardi Gras. But on the way to their hotel, they pass through a cemetary that is haunted by the Leland brothers ghosts, Jeb and Caleb, confederate soldiers, who are scaring away all the guests in the area. Will the hotel owner have to sell?

It's Mean, It's Green, It's The Mystery Machine
With a reunion on the way for "The Mystery Kids", an old child band and previous owners of the Mystery Machine, the van begins to have a mind of it's own. It is seen driving on its own and starts to glows an eerie green color. Is it the ghost of the old keyboard player, Flash Flannigan, or the Mystery Kids, Andy and Mandy, pulling a prank.

Riva Ras Ragas
The kids head to Las Vegas after winning tickets in a radio contest for the teen sensation Lindsay Pagano. Soon though, it seems, her concert may be cancelled when the ghost of Rubus Roucous, a magician who died while performing a trick, comes back to haunt the hotel.

Roller Ghoster Ride!
Shaggy wins the gang tickets to Thrill Ride Park, after he wins the design your own coaster contest. But if they are not careful, the next ride could be their last when the Roller Ghoster begins destroying all the rides at the park. Will Shaggy's "All You Can Hurl" ride and buffet be next?

Safari, So Goodi!
The gang is on safari in Africa, where they meet zoologist Joan Goodfew. According to her, the herds are thinning, and the animals seem to be vanishing. What is happening to the animals, could it be the jungle deamons?

She Sees Sea Monsters By The Sea Shore
The gang head to the island of Faja Manu, to relax at Daphne's fathers time share condo, when they encounter the island spirit Moto Shandu. It seems that when he feels the island is threatened, by visitors to the island, he takes revenge by sinking their boats.

Ho! Ho! Horrors!/A Scooby Doo Christmas
The gang are on their way to Daphne's uncles condo, when the broken bridge forces them to stay the night in Winter Hallow, a small town that is being terrorized by the Headless Snowman, who for years has come and destroyed the chimneys of homes, forcing the town people to take shelter somewhere else.

Toy Scary Boo
Velma needs an action figure for her cousins birthday, so the gang heads over to Happy Toyland, in the mall. But something strange is happening at the store every night. The toys are coming to life, and detroying the mall. Will P.O.U.T (Please Oust Unsafe Toys) put and end to these toys forever, or can the gang find out whats really going on?

Lights! Camera! Mayhem!
When the kids get passes to Pirahna Studios in Hollywood, they take jobs as extras in the remake of the movie "Spy Me A River", when a long dead movie star Rip Bannon, now known as the Faceless Phantom, comes to scare off all the workers and stop the production of the movie.

Pompeii and Circumstance
The kids are touring Italy, and come upon the city of Pompeii, which was destroyed years ago when Mount Vesuvius erupted and covered it in lava. It is now said to be haunted by the Gladiator zombie, who hates visitors in his city.

The Unatuaral
Freddie wins a meet and greet with his favorite baseball player, Luis Santiago of the Grizzlies, who is close to becoming the new homerun record holder. But will the ghost of the Baseball Specter, Cad Craig, keep his record from being broken, by putting Luis in a slump?

Big Appetite In Little Tokyo
Velma and the gang head to Tokyo, Japan, to see her favorite teacher, Professor Pomfrey. But Shaggy eats a cursed pizza, and every night when he falls asleep he turns into a monster and destroys parts of the city, and now the police want him stopped.

Mummy Scares Best
The gang are in Egypt, for an archeological dig with friend Melbourne O'Reily, when they discover a curse of the mummy on the Pyramid of the Moon. It's said if anyone trespasses, Scamses the 15th and his zombified minions will rises from the dead.

The Fast And The Wormious
The gang is in Mexico for the Eduro Slam 5000, a 24 hour offroad race, in a souped up version of the Mystery Machine. But soon the "el gusano grande", Giant Worm is chasing down anyone who is driving through his ancient home.

High-Tech House of Horrors
The kids head to the Omaha Worlds Fair to see Shari, the robotic house of the future. The house has the most advanced artificial intelligence and can think for itself, but things start to go haywire, and Shari gets a mean streak.

The Vampire Strikes Back
The gang is in Transylvania for the filming of the Hex Girls new music video, but they are soon greated by the vampire Fortescu, who wants them out of his family castle, and one by one people start turning into bats. The first ever unsolved Scooby mystery.

Scooby Doo Halloween
The gang visit Velma's family in Banning Junction just in time for Halloween, but someone is slashing and burning the corn fields. Could it be the ghost of Hank Banning, who died long ago on Halloween night, after he cursed the town and said he would seek revenge on the 100th anniversary of his death?

Homeward Hound
Scooby's idea for the gang to go to the International Dog Show, has him doubting his choice when they learn of the cat creature who is on the loose, and soon the "Best In Show" dog Chrissy has her 6 future winning pups stolen.

The San Franpsycho
The kids are in San Fransico to see Grind Games II, when they run into a mystery in the long dead ghost of Alcatraz inmate Clint Morris, also know as the San Franpsycho. Why is he haunting the games, and trying to put a stop to the fun?

Simple Plan And The Invisible MadMan
Traveling through a Canadian ghost town on their way to the Montreal Rock Festival, the gang discovers a wrecked tour bus of the band Simple Plan. They were hijacked by an Invisible Madman, and when the Mystery Machines brakes go out, stranding the gang, the two groups unite to solve the mystery.

Recipe For Disaster
Shaggy finds the "golden biscuit" for a trip to Munchville, Ohio, snack capital of the world, and home to a Scooby Snack Factory. While there, they hear of the Sludge Monster, a former employee that fell into the Scooby Snack batter, and died, who now haunts the factory and is scaring off all the employees.

Large Dragon At Large!
The gangs head to Scotland, for the Glasburgh Renaissance Festival and hear a story of a treasure somewhere within the castle walls. It seems to be protected though, by a 1000 year old dragon who is scaring off the festival people.

Uncle Scooby And Antartica
The gang head to Antartica to return a penguin back to the wild but encounter mystery at the way station. It seems Dr.Zola, a scientist, was dragged into the freezing water by a part human/part fish monster, who then scared off the rest of the workers of the ice field.

New Mexico, Old Monster
While in New Mexico, the gang visit Chochiti Reservation and Shaggys childhood friend, Jimmy Proudwolf, who tells them of the Wakumi, a giant hawk creature who doesn't want visitors near his mountain. While investigating, Daphne is birdnapped, and its up to the gang to save her.

It's All Greek To Scooby
The kids head to Greece for Spring Break and wind up right in the middle of another mystery, when Shaggy buys a "lucky" ancient Greek amulet from a souvineer stand. It is suppose to keep away monsters, but it actually attracts the Centaur, a half man/half horse creature, who wants the amulet for himself.

Fright House Of A Lighthouse
The gang go to Wisconsin to visit Freddy's Uncle Carl, and discover the old creepy lighthouse next door is haunted by the long dead Creepy Keeper. Unless the gang solves the mystery, ship won't dock in the small town, because of fears of the Creepy Keeper trying to sink their ships.

Go West, Young Scoob!
The kids get tickets to Cyber Gulch for a western robot weekend, but a power outage short circuits the robots and the kids discover a band of desperado robots who are no longer under control. It seems the renegades need fresh energy drained from living humans to survive and the gang must find a way to deactivate them.

A Scooby Doo Valentine
The gang head back home to Coolsville for some time off, but encounter another mystery when local teenagers are dissapearing from "Lovers Lane". The gangs first clue come in secret admirerer cards they are getting in the mail, and get worse when one of the teenagers point them out as the culprits. Now the kids must prove their innocence and solve this mystery.

Wrestle Maniacs
The gang go to see the Boceaphus Wrestling Federation, and discover an evil contorted beast the Titanic Twist. He has been kidnapping the wrestlers, and the others are afraid to compete. Now the gang needs to solve the mystery and get the wrestlers to compete in the Jumbo Wrestling Bowl.

Ready To Scare
The gang is in Paris to see Daphne's cousin Dannika win "Model of the Year", but they discover she has been abducted when a Gargoyle from Notre Dame cathedral has come to life. Now the kids must find her by searching the Paris catacombs, the sewers, and the cathedral before the fashion expo starts.

Farmed And Dangerous
The kids go to visit the Secret 6 Puppies but discover something horrible happening. A mysterious Deamon Farmer haunts their farmhouse that was built over an ancient graveyard, and wants the puppies gone. The gang stays to help out, when all the farm hands have quit.

Diamonds Are A Ghouls Best Friend
The kids are in Moscow for the "Russian International Hockey Tournament" when the Grand Emperors Cup, the diamond encrusted trophy with Czar Nicholas's dimaonds, is stolen. The Frozen Fiend, a former hockey player who was banished to Syberia where he froze to death after missing an easy goal, has taken the trophy, and the tournament may be cancelled.

A Terrifying Round With A Menacing Metallic Clown
The kids arrive in time for the International Putt Putt Championship, where Shaggy is trying to keep his title as reigning putt putt champ. Soon though, at the 18th hole, a clown comes to life, and the championship game will be suspended if the kids can't find out what is going on and solve this mystery.

Camp Comeoniwannascareya
Shaggy and Scooby take on summer jobs as camp counselors, but they are told the story of the Toxic Terror. It seems cabin 13 was built over the top of a toxic dump site, and the Toxic Terror comes on the first night of camp to get the counselors sleeping in there, Shaggy and Scooby.

Block-Long Hong Kong Terror!
The kids are in Hong Kong for New Years, and attending the parade when a terrifying dragon appears and a 500 year old Ming Dynasty "candy ring" disappears from the Ling Toy Company. When the gang visits the toy company, they discover an upset owner, and soon all of his stores are being attacked and destroyed. Can the gang help him, and save his company before its put out of business?

Gentleman, Start Your Monsters
Fred has been training for months and has qualified for his biggest race ever, the Gainsville 500. But mysterious things begin to happen, a crazy monster truck and his skeletal driver are haunting the track and knocking the best drivers out of the race. Can the kids solve the mystery so Fred can win his trophy?

Gold Paw
The gang goes to meet the Secret 6 puppies at a top secret place, Fort Knox. But the gang is soon involved in another mystery, a strange golden monster seems to be living in the gold vault and turning all who disturb him into gold statues.

The gang head to the Video Game Convention, where they run into their old friend, Professor Ostwald. He is now the creator of "Osomons", cute furry creatures who have a video game, cards and toys made from them, but it seems someone has sabotaged his game, and the Osomons go wild and crazy.

Reef Grief!
The kids are in Australia for the "International Sand Castle Building Competition" where Shaggy and Scooby are top seeds. Soon though, contestants are disappearing from the beach, and a strange coral monster appears from the depths of the Great Barrier Reef.